Davydenko: Ambitions of Certain Candidates Must Not Hinder Opposition Victory in Kyiv

18.10.2012 21:34

Opposition candidates should let go of their ambitions for the sake of common victory in single-mandate districts and preventing pro-government candidates from entering the parliament, said Oleksiy Davydenko, “UDAR” candidate in district #216 in his interview with TVi TV channel.

Davydenko noted that the situation when “Batkivshvhyna” candidates go against the agreement with “UDAR” and refuse to exit the race, even in the districts where “UDAR” candidates are leading significantly in public opinion ratings, looks rather odd.

“For example, in our district #216, situated Darnytsya and Dnipro districts of Kyiv, Kseniya Lyapina and I are now working against each other. The same thing is happening in district 211, Holosiyiv district, despite the fact the “UDAR” candidate is ahead of Serhiy Teryokhin by at least 13%,” pointed out the politician.

According to Davydenko, the initiative to conduct sociological studies to determine the most popular candidates in the SMDs was the only correct approach, and “UDAR” proposed this at the beginning of the year.

“We were obligated to conduct “primaries” through sociology. We were obligated to recall candidates with weaker ratings, at least in the districts where the opposition still had chances to win – regardless of party affiliation,” suggested Davydenko. The candidate reminded everyone that the sociological study was handled by 7 powerful and well-known companied and was ordered jointly by “UDAR” and “Batkivshchyna”.

“The results we received are all public. We as “UDAR” candidates saw the numbers, and candidates with lower levels of support simply deregistered,” said Davydenko.

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