Kyrylo Kulykov: Unlike Competitors, “UDAR” Doesn’t Smear Opponents

20.10.2012 00:33

“We are always positive-minded and never smear our opponents. And this is what makes “UDAR” stand out among its competitors”, stated Kyrylo Kulykov, an UDAR Party’s candidate on the “Shuster.Live” program.

The politician stressed that he and his colleagues do not advance topics that split the country. Instead, they focus on solving urgent problems of the Ukrainian people. “We, in particular, strive to promote healthy lifestyle in Ukraine based on the personal example of Vitaliy Klychko, our Leader, who has gained worldwide recognition for his work. Today, by looking at this example, each citizen of Ukraine can see that he or she can also succeed,” said Kulykov. He added that equal opportunities need to be created for all citizens.

Commenting on his partnership with “UDAR”, Kyrylo Kulykov said that he joined the political party whose vision he shared. “I have been working with “UDAR” for many years. Together we opposed the robbery of Kyiv, together we fought against illegitimate construction and land theft. I initiated a decree to reelect the mayor of Kyiv.” He added that he was running in the parliamentary elections with the party he believes can solve people’s problems.

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