Klychko: I Form Coalitions Every Day – with Voters

20.10.2012 14:20

The “UDAR” Party is a political force of European standarts, and will work according to European norms – elections first, coalitions later, said Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko during his meeting with journalists in Zaporizhzhya.

According to Klychko, in the new Parliament, “UDAR” will cooperate with All-Ukrainian Union “Batkivshchyna” as well as any other political forces that promote democratic development of Ukraine. However, he believes that signing any agreements at this point would be premature.

“We need to win the elections first, protect our results; only then can we form a coalition. I believe that we should not celebrate victory before the battle,” stressed Klychko. He added that he spends every day meeting with thousands of people acros the country, and making coalition agreements – with the voter. “The people’s trust is the most important thing for us today. We will do everything to live up to this trust,” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

Vitaliy Klychko stressed, that “UDAR” is a European party, and will act according to European norms. The politician also noted that he finds funny his political opponents’ statements that Klychko is afraid of someone or something. “They remind me of the same kind of statements I often hear from my opponents in sports. Must be that our politicians watched too many sports press conferences, and are now trying to act the same way. However, they should think of what usually happens after that. Usually, saying that I’m afraid of something doesn’t end well,” said the politician.

During his visit to Zaporizhzhya oblast, Klychko met with residents of Moskovka and Polohy, and gave a speech to residents of Zaporizhzhya at Hortytsya district of the city.

In Moscovka, Klychko together with local representatives of the Party opened the reconstructed House of Culture. Capital repair of this establishment took place thanks to support from Vadym Kryvokhatko, “UDAR” Party deputy candidate in district #82. We would like to note that four criminal cases are currently open against Kryvokhatko; the candidate was also placed on the wanted list. All of these charges are made up, as the government uses all available means to prevent the popular candidate from participating in the election process.

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