Klychko Explained How “UDAR” Determined Single Opposition Candidates

20.10.2012 14:34

“UDAR” determined and urged to support single opposition candidates based on voter opinion polls and not their past achievements or loyalty of politicians. The statement was made by Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party, during his meeting with reporters.

“Based on the results of a joint sociological study, we called back our candidates in districts where “Batkivshchyna” had a better chance of winning for the sake of the opposition’s common victory. In return, our partners “forgot” about the study by having withdrawn only those candidates, who had little chance of winning and, in fact, donated the districts where the opposition could win to pro-government candidates,” stated Klychko.

Klychko said that the current situation in Kyiv, which is a critical city for the opposition, is particularly difficult.

Klychko noted, “For example, let’s take Solomyansky district. “UDAR” nominated Rena Nazarova, a reporter and a public person very well-known in Kyiv, while “Batkivshchyna” is represented by a person, who at her time used to move from one faction of the Kyiv City Council to another, having forgotten about her voters and promises. How can we supporh her?”

In addition, the Leader of “UDAR” mentioned that sometimes voters think differently than a party.

“And we, as politicians, should respect this position. The voters wish to see new faces in Ukrainian politics; however, it looks like political leaders don’t care much about that,” he said.

At the same time, Klychko expressed hope that the current contorversy with the opposition will be settled in order to bring changes to Ukraine and make it a democratic country. He urged his colleagues to advance a clear political agenda and not a “hidden” one.

Klychko mentioned, “Our colleagues should give up “a big brother” approach towards “UDAR”. Our party was created a long time ago and built up muscles up since then. Today we are a major alternative and an opponent to the Party of Regions. So we call on all opposition forces to unite in order to remove the Party of Regions and Communists from power instead of wasting time and effort on mutual destruction.”

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