Pavlo Rozenko: Fight for Single-Mandate Votes Intensifies

21.10.2012 21:40

With Verkhovna Rada election day drawing near, the pressure on opposition candidates in single-mandate districts (SMDs) intensifies with each day. The party in power is using all available means to prevent its opponents from conducting a full-fledged election campaign, and does not care whether its actions contradict ethical norms or democratic principles. Pavlo Rozenko, deputy candidate from the “UDAR” Party commented on this issue during an interview with Channel 5TV.

The candidate also gave examples of coercive pressure against “UDAR” Party SMD candidates. “As soon as Vadym Kryvokhatko, a candidate in Zaporizhzhya oblast became the race leader in his district, he began facing multiple criminal charges, harassment, and pressure. As a resule, he is forced to hide rather than lead his pre-election campaign normally,” commented Rozenko.

The representative of “UDAR” also mentioned another instance of pressure, this time in Kyiv. “Thanks to agreements with “Batkivshchyna”, Viktor Chumak became the primary opponent of the representative of “Chernovetsky’s young team” and protégé of the Party of Regions in district 214. As soon as the democratic forces announced joint support for the candidate from the “UDAR” Party, mass media reported that Chumak will, allegedly, be assaulted in the near future, supposedly as a “political trick”. As we can see, our opponents are prepared to go as low as intimidation and open threats of physical violence through mass media,” said Pavlo Rozenko.

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