Vitaliy Klychko: “I Hope that Democratic Majority Will Form around “UDAR”

22.10.2012 14:30

Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party stressed that “the winner of these elections should be determined only through honest competition, not through administrative pressure or distinctions between “canonical” and “non-canonical” opposition”. The Leader of “UDAR” discussed this topic during his talks with journalists.

“Dishonest competition only benefits the Party of Regions and its satellites like the Communist Party, with whom we emphatically refuse to cooperate in the next convocation of the Parliament, under any circumstances,” emphasized Klychko.

The politician reminded journalists that “UDAR” is acting according to agreements reached on Sofiyska Square on Unification Day, when all opposition forces signed an agreement on non-interference. He also stressed that he has nerves of steel and a will to win , that’s why he will not react to any emotional provocations from his opponents, but will focus on mobilizing voters and ensuring the best possible election results.

Vitaliy Klychko also believes that the democratic majority in the new Verkhovna Rada could form around “UDAR”. The Party is already working on enlisting pro-European single-mandate candidates for future cooperation.

“I am convinced that “UDAR” will be able to unite all opposition forces around itself in the new Parliament, in order to protect the interests of Ukrainian people, not President’s Administration or a small group of oligarchs,” declared Klychko.

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