“UDAR” Will Demand All Incidents of Electoral Fraud Be Investigated by Next Convocation of Parliament

22.10.2012 14:44

“UDAR” will initiate the establishment of an Ad Hoc Electoral Fraud Investigation Committee in the next convocation of the Parliament. “UDAR’s” official declaration regarding numerous incidents of electoral fraud unveiled this plan.

“The current elections of MPs have become unprecedented in the scale of the electoral fraud on the one hand, and the inaction of law enforcement agencies, whose duty is to ensure their legitimacy on the other”, reads the statement.

“UDAR” promises that “one of the first decisions, which “UDAR” will initiate to be adopted by the next convocation of the Parliament, will be the establishment of the Ad Hoc October 2012 Electoral Fraud Investigation Committee.”

The major goals of the Committee will be to investigate all incidents of electoral fraud:

  • Approval of unjust decisions by Ukrainian courts;

  • Vote-buying by electoral subjects;

  • Falsification of state registry and voter lists;

  • Vote rigging;

  • Abuse of office by members of election committees during voting and vote counting;

  • Inaction of law enforcement agencies demonstrating disregard for numerously reported incidents of electoral fraud and failure to take steps to prevent them, failure to identify violators and make them accountable.

“UDAR” Party led by Vitaliy Klychko once again calls on all electoral subjects, members of the election committees, government and local officials responsible for ensuring fair elections in Ukraine to abide by the law, and warns that all incidents of abuse, violations and fraud in particular will be closely investigated and persons found guilty will be held accountable,” stated “UDAR”.

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