“UDAR” Asks Opposition Colleagues Not to Assist Ruling Party

22.10.2012 17:03

“UDAR” noted that “black” PR often comes not only from ruling party representatives, but also certain candidates from opposition parties. For example, election headquarters of Kseniya Lyapina, candidate from “Batkivshchyna” in district #216, has recently begun disseminating a leaflet discrediting “UDAR’s” Oleksiy Davydenko, who has chances to defeat the government representative in this district.

The leaflet by Lyapina contains an “open letter”, allegedly written by Yuliya Tymoshenko. The letter promotes Lyapina’s image and past achievements and smears the “UDAR’s” candidate. Davydenko himself doubts the authenticity of this letter. He noted, “First of all, the letter completely contradicts Tymoshenko’s official letter, which urged all opposition forces to work together. Secondly, the letter is dated October 14, which is the date of the “UDAR” Party congress, where names of the candidates recalled in favor of “Batkivshchyna” were announced. How could Tymoshenko write something like this without knowing the results of the congress?” Finally, the “UDAR” representative pointed out the fact that the letter contains only Tymoshenko’s signature, while all other candidate support letters are usually signed by both her and Yatsenyuk.

Davydenko notes that the information war against him escalated as soon as “UDAR” proposed that “Batkivshchyna” recall Lyapina in favor of the more popular “UDAR” candidate, as per agreement between the two parties. Oleksiy Davydenko urged his opponents not to employ dirty tactics, but rather focus on a positive campaign; after all, slinging mud at fellow opposition members would only benefit the ruling party and won’t help the opposition win in single-mandate districts.

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