Vitaliy Klychko: “UDAR” Will Protect Its Single-Mandate Candidates

23.10.2012 13:08

Last week before the elections is marked by loud cases against popular “UDAR” candidates, whom the government is trying to remove from the race at all costs, according to Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party.

The politician noted that he had been running for a seat in parliamentary elections four times now, and the parliamentary campaign of 2012 the dirtiest and the most violent. “I have never seen so much abuse of administrative resources or black PR. They are putting pressure on us – physically, through police, prosecutor’s office and courts. They are opening cases against our team members without reasons or explanations. In Brovary, there is a court case to remove our candidate Pavlo Rizanenko; in Zaporizhzhya, Vadym Kryvokhatko is facing 3 criminal charges,” detailed Klycko. He gave additional examples, like Vitaliy Lomakovych in Ternopil oblast, whom the government is trying to convict in a fraud case just to remove him from the race.

“You know what’s common between all these people? They are not only members of “UDAR”, they’re also popular opinion leaders in their districts. They are a real threat to the pro-government candidates, who use all available means to remove our candidates,” opined Klychko.

The politician stressed that “UDAR” will protect its candidates using all available legal means, and is planning to get as many observers involved in the elections as possible. “Fraud and manipulations don’t begin on Election Day, but much earlier. We are training our observers. I have met many international representatives and asked them to provide as many observers as possible in all precincts, especially those where we expect the gravest violations of election law. We also urge the citizens to be active and report fraud to our party offices, party members, and mass media if they witness it,” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

During his visit to Volynska oblast, Klychko will meet with residents of Volodymyr-Volnsky, Novovolynsk, as well as talk with residents of Lutsk at the Theater square in the city center.


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