Klychko: Yanukovych Visit to Moscow Resembles Party of Regions Pre-Election PR

23.10.2012 14:37

Ukraine’s foreign policy is one of the biggest fiascos of the current Ukrainian government, said Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his meeting with journalists in Volynska oblast.

“There is a lot of criticism against foreign policy of the current government. Foreign policy needs to be completely different. Why? Because our neighbors’ evaluation of Ukraine and our foreign policy is not very good. We need to change this – not through declarations, but through specific actions. Regarding Yanukovych’s visit to Moscow, it appears to be a part of Party of Regions’ election campaign,” stressed Leader of “UDAR”.

Klychko believes that the President’s trip to Moscow is nothing but an attempt to mobilize pro-PoR voters a few days before the elections.

“However, such moves are no longer effective. The only result of this visit is the signing of one protocol on production cooperation. The Ukrainian government can no longer hide from the people that our relations with Russia are in a deep crisis,” argued the politician.

Klychko stressed that constant flip-flopping on foreign policy is not a normal course of action for a government. “You can’t tell Western diplomats, who are still willing to meet with our President, about our Euro-integration goals and then go to Moscow before the elections and declare desire for closer cooperation with the Customs Union. The President is trying to improve relations with Moscow in order to gain popularity among voters in Eastern Ukraine, but this no longer works, in Moscow or in Kyiv,” said Klychko. The Leader of “UDAR” believes that the current government never learned to protect Ukraine’s national interests. He emphasized that relations with all neighbors, be it eastern or western, should be based on an equal and bilateral dialogue.

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