Black PR against “UDAR” Incites Ethnic Hatred

23.10.2012 16:51

On October 23, in district #204, Bukovyna region, voters discovered leaflets in their post boxes, which were directed against Bohdan Balasynovych, an “UDAR” single-mandate candidate. This dirty leaflet contained calls to what can be considered ethnic strife.

Bohdan Balasynovych commented on this incident saying that his opponents aren’t skimping on black PR against him. “The leaflet has enormous circulation, and was printed professionally, on expensive paper. Additionally, the materials were disseminated in the whole district in just one night; no independent candidate would be able to achieve such a feat,” stressed Balaynovych. The “UDAR” representative noted that district #204 is the biggest in Ukraine, 200 by 50 kilometers. Thus, it would be impossible to spread an anti-campaign around such a large area within such a short time frame without the use of administrative resources.

Bohdan Balasynovych submitted a complaint to the prosecutor’s office demanding to investigate the incident and find the perpetrators. The “UDAR” representative also prepared a statement for OSCE and other international observers, intending to attract their attention to such “traditions” in Ukrainian elections.

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