Valeriy Karpuntsov: “UDAR” Ready to Counteract Fraud Attempts

23.10.2012 21:48

Regarding the issue of protecting voting results, opposition forces are placing hopes on good knowledge of the election process and active position of their party members, mass media, and independent observers. Valeriy Karpuntsov, Head of “UDAR” Legal Department, made this statement during an interview with Channel 5TV.

According to him, the Party will be represented in election commissions by observers, authorized representatives, and legal experts. At the same time, mass media, independent observers from NGOs, and international observers will catty out civil control over the process.

However, Valeriy Karpuntsov also noted the problem of bias and selective treatment by precinct commissions, who refuse to register independent observers under various pretexts. According to the “UDAR” representative, this is happening because certain well-known organizations have already proven their expertise in election law and process, as well as effeciency in counteracting violations. The commissions are afraid of such expertise and effectiveness, and therefore try to register fewer observers.

When asked whether “UDAR” had faced these issues, Karpuntsov noted that “there were some tensions during the registration, but on the whole we managed to properly organize the work of observers and ensure the presence of our party members in the districts.” “We have already identified problematic districts, and have our members on their commissions, who will represent the interests of the Party in case of contingencies,” assured Karpuntsov.

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