Vitaliy Klychko Urged Ukrainians Not to Sell Votes

24.10.2012 21:00

Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of “UDAR” Party, urged Ukrainians not to sell their votes to political parties who have no other way to get into the next convocation of the Parliament. Vitaliy Klychko made this statement during his meeting with voters in Rivne Oblast.

Klychko said, “We know that they offer you money. I ask you to think whether it’s worth taking it, whether it’s worth selling your future. Vote with your heart. Don’t sell your future. Your future is in your hands.”

Klychko also urged voters to support self-nominated candidates whom “UDAR” trusted and consequently recalled its candidates in their favor.

“We called back six of our candidates in favor of people who are not affiliated with any party, who are self-nominated candidates. However, they have every chance of beating candidates from the ruling party. We expected our opposition colleagues to support them as well but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen,” said Klychko in his interview to the local media.

When asked whether he found these candidates to be potential members of the “UDAR” team in the next convocation of the Parliament, Klychko said that he left open the possibility for them to join. The politician said, “Sure, we talked with these people. First, we carefully studied their reputation to make sure they wouldn’t betray voters’ interests and backslide on democratic principles. It’s entirely possible that some of them will join the “UDAR” team and work together with us in the next convocation of the Parliament.”

During the meeting in Rivne, Vitaliy Klychko introduced Victor Matchuk, a self-nominated candidate in district 152 supported by “UDAR”. Matchuk thanked “UDAR” for the trust it had placed in his candidacy and added that he looked forward to working together with “UDAR”. He handed Klychko a letter of intent to join the “UDAR” fraction in the next convocation of the Parliament.

Over 12,000 local residents attended the meeting with the Leader of “UDAR”, which took place at the Rivne central square.

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