Vitaliy Klychko: No One Will be Ashamed of Me in Politics

24.10.2012 22:06

“I never brought shame to my country in sports, and will not do so in politics,” stated Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his appearance on the “Elections 2012” TV project by ICTV.

“Some people say that Klychko is a sportsman, that he knows nothing of economics. I have general knowledge and expertise in all areas. However, no man can act alone; it is important to have a team of professionals. We are forming such a team, a team of people who are experts in their areas, who love their work and want to improve the country, who invest their time and effort into making Ukraine a better place,” stressed Vitaliy Klychko.

Klychko urged everyone who cares about the country to join his team.

Additionally, the Leader of “UDAR” noted that the future of Ukraine depends on the actions of each of its citizens, not just on Klychko.

“Everything depends on whether and how we defend our principles, views, and values. What we have today is a no-rules fight. We are experiencing pressure from court and prosecutors. Still, we fight. In this struggle we need the support of the people who believe in us. We have taken up an enormous responsibility and are confident in our abilities; after all, we are fighting for an idea, for truth. That’s why we are confident of our victory,” said Klychko.

Klychko pointed out that the goal of his team is to build a modern country, where every citizen feels comfortable and has confidence in tomorrow.

“Many politicians have already been in power, have had all the resources to deliver on all the promises they had given before. Nothing has been done, but still they promise… Don’t let them fool you,” urged the Leader of “UDAR”.

Klychko also noted that the most important thing for him and his political team is their reputation and the trust of the people.

“In order to earn a good reputation and people’s trust, one needs to work for years, sometimes for his whole life. We have taken up the duty to change this country. We have much to lose if we fail. That’s why we will do everything to keep the trust and support of the people,” emphasized Klychko.

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