Government Manipulating Election Law in Order to Steal “UDAR” Votes

25.10.2012 12:35

“UDAR” Party is outraged at the government attempts to manipulate the results of the elections. Particularly cynical is the help they get from the Law of Ukraine “Regarding elections of national deputies of Ukraine”. The law itself is a mechanism for conservation of power, as it gives preferential treatment to forces represented in the Parliament while ignoring the interests of new parties.

CEC Resolution #1849 adopted on October 24, 2012 became another confirmation of this. The CEC adopted the Explanation regarding the procedure of transporting election reports from precinct to district election commissions.

“UDAR” Party emphasized that the Election Law grants two committee members who represent two leading parties in the precinct the right to transport the related documents to the respective DEC.

As it became a surprise that the “UDAR” Party is leading in practically all regions of Ukraine and thus should get the right to transport election reports from PECs to DECs, the government saw a need to remove us from the process. That is the only aim of CEC’s “Explanation”. The document effectively bans “UDAR”, which is for now an extra-parliamentary party and which does not have its members present in all DECs, from transporting election reports. Instead, this right passes to DEC members representing deputy fractions in the Verkhovna Rada.

Thus, the CEC has once again limited the rights of the “UDAR” Party, this time with regard to control over election report transporting. As one can see, one of the most popular political forces in Ukraine is being deprived of its opportunity to counteract fraud at this stage of the election process.

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