Vitaliy Klychko: “Svoboda” United with Pro-Government Party against “UDAR”

25.10.2012 17:31

All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” has united with the pro-government party in its fight against “UDAR”. Leader of “UDAR” Vitaliy Klychko made this statement commenting on the dissemination of the “black PR” newspaper “People’s Tribunal” targeted against “UDAR”; as it turned out, these papers are being spread through “Svoboda” offices.

“Last week we already had the information that a large amount of negative information (or so-called “black PR) against our Party will appear in the last days of the election. This information is being distributed massively in South and East as well as Western Ukraine. Some papers call Klychko unpatriotic and a “Russophile”, others, particularly in the South, turn him into a Nazi. According to our information, these leaflets in the South come from the government, in the West – from the Ternopil office of “Svoboda”, noted Klychko

The politician stressed the fact that none of the reports regarding these violations of the Election Law received any attention from the law enforcement. Moreover, some of these papers not only break the Election Law, but also incite ethnic hatred.

“We would like law enforcement agencies to note that the election day has not arrived yet, but the government is already declaring the elections free and fair. How can we talk about honesty and transparency when we have numerous facts about electoral violations, which are blatantly ignored by the relevant agencies?” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

The politician then turned again to the constant hindrances to the “UDAR” campaign and Klychko’s meetings with the voters.

“Employers prohibit people from attending our meetings under the threat of discharge. Local government blocks access to squares, and refuses to authorize our meetings with voters under the pretext of “threats to national security of Ukraine”. Worse yet, our courts validate such decisions!” stressed Klychko.

He also reminded the voters that one of the first priorities for the future “UDAR” fraction in the new Parliament will be creation of a special investigation committee to address all the facts of election law violations during this campaign period.

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