Elections Have Not Started, But Violations Abound

25.10.2012 16:43

Representatives of the “UDAR” Party have registered a major violation of election law in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. District Election Commission (DEC) of district #27 received a different number of bulletins for single-mandate and party-list votes. The numbers vary for all electoral precincts. On the whole, the difference in the district is 2,158 bulletins.

According to Part 8 of Article 80 of the Law of Ukraine “Regarding elections of national deputies of Ukraine”, the quantity of election bulletins printed for each district is supposed to be 0.5% greater than the total number of voters listed in the State Register for the relevant district. According to Part 3 of Article 85 of the same law, each voter should receive two bulletins – for SMD and party-list votes respectively.

The abovementioned provisions of the Law make it evident that each precinct should receive an equal number of bulletins for SMD and party-list votes, according to the number of voters registered in the voter list.

Political party “UDAR of Vitaliy Klychko” urges the government and political opponents to conduct an honest election campaign and to refrain from using dirty technologies and rigging the votes of the citizens.

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