Kurennoy: Opposition Will Win More Votes than Pro-Government Party

25.10.2012 20:11

Opposition forces will win more votes than parties supporting the current government, opined Volodymyr Kurennoy, deputy head of “UDAR” Central Election HQ during an interview with TVi channel.

The politician noted that “UDAR” would do everything in the Party’s power in order to form a democratic coalition in the new Parliament, regardless of the behavior of its opposition colleagues during the campaign. Kurennoy stated that “UDAR” is a threat to both pro-government and opposition parties in terms of winning votes.

“We are leading a positive campaign and are trying not to pay too much attention to the attacks on us from both sides. We are a threat for everyone. Regarding the election campaign, it would be laughable to say that the Party of Regions is competing honestly,” noted Kurennoy. He recounted one of the latest administrative resource use examples from Odessa, where the government gathered head doctors of the local hospitals for a meeting to hand them “voting plans” for hospitals, which are considered special election precincts.

“Regarding honesty and transparency, here is another example from parties that identify themselves as our opposition colleagues. Today, a libelous newspaper called “People’s Tribunal” is circulating across Western Ukraine. We identified one of its distribution centers, which turned out to be “Svoboda’s” election headquarters in Ternopil,” said Kurennoy and demonstrated a photo showing a stack of “black PR” papers carried out of that office.

The representative of “UDAR” stressed that the Party is preparing to protect election results, which are currently under a serious threat of fraud. “Through abuse of administrative resources before the elections, the pro-government party will add at least 5% of real voter support to its result. It is difficult to predict what will happen on election day, however. It is possible to rig the elections completely,” said Kurennoy.

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