Vitaliy Kovalchuk: We Will Focus on Protecting Election Results

28.10.2012 20:28

Vitaliy Kovalchuk, Manager of the “UDAR” Election HQ stated at a press briefing, “It’s entirely possible that votes cast for our Party will be stolen at the vote counting stage. Therefore, we will now focus on protecting the election results.”

Kovalchuk stressed, “Just throughout election day, we have recorded a large number of violations, which can affect election results. These are carousel voting, vote buying, food packages, fake documents about inability to be physically present at polling stations, millions of requests to vote at home, an extraordinary increase in the number of sick people, inclusion of non-existent streets in ballots, as well as deletion of entire buildings from the registry.”

He reminded that “almost all political forces have been running a strong smear campaign against Vitaliy Klychko over the last two weeks.”

“However, despite all that and given that this is the first nationwide election campaign for “UDAR”, we’ve got decent results. We can say that “UDAR” has succeeded as a political party,” he added.

Manager of the “UDAR” Election HQ stressed that the Party would demand a vote recount in those districts where it recorded incidents of fraud.

When asked about cooperation with opposition forces in the next convocation of the Parliament, Kovalchuk said, “We will build constructive relations with democratic forces and never look back at what has happened during the election campaign. We’ll find the strength to rise above that.”

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