Klychko: “UDAR” Calls on Democratic Forces to Implement Joint Action Plan in Newly Elected Parliament

28.10.2012 22:51

Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party stated at a press briefing, “UDAR” Party has developed an action plan and calls on democratic forces to implement it jointly in the next convocation of the Parliament.”

The politician stressed that “UDAR” will work with those political forces that stand for the democratic development path. “We have developed a joint action plan that consists of three core elements: fight against corruption, fight against irresponsible government, and restoration of local government system. There are some preliminary documents in place, which we will pass on to leaders of the political forces with whom we want to sit down with and determine joint actions in the next convocation of the Parliament,” added Klychko.

In addition, Klychko said that “UDAR” expected the Party to win the support of at least 15% of voters. “The results of today’s exit polls are showing that we’ve received this number. We’ve already got what we had expected to get,” noted Klychko by adding that that the number one task now is to protect the election results. He mentioned that the situation in single mandate districts is particularly tense. “Our Party expects 15-20 of its SMD candidates to win; however, positions of their competitors in most districts are very close, so it’s important to protect the results.”  Klychko also mentioned that most violations had been recorded by the “UDAR” SMD candidates. If necessary, he and his colleagues will be ready to go to the districts personally and protect the election results.

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