“UDAR” Calls on Opposition to Implement Joint Action Plan in Newly Elected Parliament

29.10.2012 09:26

“UDAR” Party calls on democratic forces to adopt a joint action plan that should be implemented in the next convocation of the Parliament. “UDAR” believes that the action plan should be signed by opposition leaders, as well as individual MPs who support government change and implementation of democratic reforms.




We, representatives of democratic political forces, People’s Deputies of Ukraine, guided by a clear understanding that the current authoritarian regime has put the country in crisis, being aware of our right to fight against the usurpation of power and protect democracy, supported by our voters, driven by a desire to return Ukraine to a European path of development to ensure that all citizens enjoy an adequate standard of living and reach their full potential, as well as being aware of our responsibility for the future of Ukraine,


to implement the joint action plan entitled “European Future of Ukraine” in the next convocation of the Parliament.

Not only do we have a common enemy today, but also we have a common goal: to build Ukraine into a modern democratic country.

The key to realize this action plan is to remove from power the regime led by Victor Yanukovych and to free political prisoners.

These are the top priority steps that need to be taken in order to make Ukraine a fully-fledged European democratic country: to eliminate the existing corrupt system and to introduce new platform for the country’s political and economic development.

To achieve the above goals, we will change the Ukrainian legislation:

  • Remove corrupt officials from power. Establish an independent Anti-Corruption Agency, which under strict public control will complete the government lustration, in particular, will identify corrupt government officials, judges, and law enforcement officers and bring them to justice;

  • Pass a law stipulating the procedure for the President’s impeachment. Create an Ad Hoc Investigation Commission within the Parliament that will deal with the removal of Victor Yanukovych from power. Begin the impeachment proceedings against the incumbent President;

  • Introduce a public legislative initiative. Any bill supported by 150,000 citizens of Ukraine will be considered by the Parliament on a first-priority basis;

  • Introduce a public veto that gives citizens a right to cancel decisions made by central and local government bodies through a referendum;

  • Introduce a mechanism for a no-confidence vote that will allow citizens to pass a no-confidence motion against head of local administration, police chief, head of tax inspection, judges, as well as to discharge them from their positions;

  • Strengthen public control over activities of MPs through establishment of a recall mechanism. Establish criminal liability for those MPs who vote in place of other deputies;

  • Introduce a proportional voting system with open lists of candidates running for a seat to the Parliament and local councils, except village and township councils. Introduce a multi-member district system for the Parliamentary elections. A majority system will be used for electing members of the village and township councils.

  • Implement two-round city mayor elections.

  • Expand the influence of local communities, forward to them 100% tax revenue from individuals, real estate, and land, and redistribute the rest of the tax revenue in order to provide for the local needs.

  • Grant the elected Kyiv Mayor the powers of the Head of Kyiv City State Administration.

  • Abolish the right of the President and Parliament to appoint judges in order to free them from the pressure coming from the executive government. All judges should be appointed by the High Council of Justice, which should be formed exclusively at the Congress of the Judges of Ukraine. Introduce trial by jury of 12 jurors for felonies.

  • Minimize the number of state offices with licensing, monitoring, and punitive powers.

  • Reduce the number of taxes to seven, simplify their administration, and create the most favorable conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Introduce incentives for starting new ventures and creating new jobs. Introduce a 3-year tax break on income tax for new ventures; a 5-year tax break for new businesses in depressed territories and villages.

  • Carry out a just pension reform, which will provide a single procedure for calculating pensions for everyone, and abolish special pension benefits for high-ranking officials.

  • Strengthen penalties for hiring, compensation and promotion discrimination against women.

  • Adopt new laws for regulating the land market and protect the rights of farmers during land transactions. Only after introducing these laws will we remove the ban on agricultural land sales, provided that it is only sold to citizens of Ukraine.

  • Abolish the law “Regarding the principles of state language policy” as unconstitutional and one that splits the society and threatens the development and the national status of the Ukrainian language, as well as infringes on the rights of minorities.

  • Denounce the so-called “Kharkiv accords” and other similar agreements, which harm Ukraine’s strategic national interests.

  • Ensure the signing and ratification of the European Union Association Agreement, including the creation of a free trade zone, and create conditions for introducing a visa-free regime with the EU countries.

In order to realize this plan, we will:

  • Cooperate with public and expert organizations and specialists to create a legal framework reflecting our program.

  • Create a Coordinating group for preparing special legal initiatives and coordinating activities in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as the relevant working groups; these groups will be elected at general assemblies of national deputies of Ukraine who sign this Action Plan.

  • Not vote for draft laws, which threaten national interests of Ukraine or have corruption-inducing components.

  • Act according to the principles of partnership among all democratic opposition forces and preserve the principle of mutual non-aggression.

  • Not enter into separatist negotiation with any other political party or bloc.

  • This document is open for signing by all national deputies, who are ready for joint action in the Verkhovna Rada with the aim of counteracting the authoritarian regime of President Yanukovych, protecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens, and transforming Ukraine into a full-fledged European democratic state.

Leaders of political forces (signatures)

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