Maria Matios: Voters across Ukraine Heard Klychko’s Message and Signaled Their Desire for Different Kind of Politics

30.10.2012 09:10

The fact that patriotic forces as a whole won the party list elections clearly demonstrates anti-government sentiments of the Ukrainian society. Authorities may interpret these results any way they wish; however, they are the first concrete warning message. These are the reflections published on the personal blog of Maria Matios, a famous writer, in “Livy bereh” (Left Bank) newspaper.

Matios stresses that “UDAR” enjoyed steady support throughout the entire country, a clear sign that it welded a nation around basic values. These, among others, include fight against corruption, broadening the powers of local government, and promotion of a better understanding between Ukrainians. She says, “A call to stay united, which “UDAR” repeatedly made, was well understood and accepted in both Western and Eastern Ukraine. And this is the biggest success of our election campaign, achieved despite all its faults and mistakes due to the lack of experience of the Party or underdeveloped unification ideology of other Ukrainian politicians.” Matios believes that Klychko reached out to voters across Ukraine and they signaled the need for a new kind of politics.

“Now, Vitaliy Klychko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleh Tyahnybok are facing tough but very important talks,” Matios adds. “They have a great deal of highly responsible work to do together. Voters who supported them and who are the biggest asset of these key opposition leaders will judge their actions best.”

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