Nalyvaychenko: We Have to Return Parliament to Country

30.10.2012 09:35

Ukrainian Parliament does not need to be “cured” – it needs to be returned to the country, through action, personal voting, transparency, and responsibility. “UDAR” candidate Valentyn Nalyvaychenko made this statement live on ICTV channel.

“In order for the Parliament to pass laws in the interest of the people, we will cooperate with our partners who support democratic development of Ukraine – United Opposition and Svoboda,” said Nalyvaychenko.

“We have offered our partners to review our action plan, “European Future of Ukraine”, and we will discuss it openly and publicly, without back-stage agreements. We are politicians who believe that deputies shouldn’t sign receipts in blood and then hold on to them, but rather work properly in the Parliament, vote, and create laws. If we fail, then we deserve to be out of the Parliament,” stressed the politician.

Nalyvaychenko also assured the audience that “UDAR’s” first priority bills concern the “Government Lustration” project. “We will seek a majority in order to create an Anti-Corruption Agency and ensure that all are equal before the law, which means the introduction of a law on recalling deputies, impeachment of the President, and vote of no confidence against any government official, law enforcement officer or judge,” summed up Nalyvaychenko.

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