500 Votes Cast by Residents of Uzhhorod for “UDAR” “Lost” on Their Way to Central Election Commission

30.10.2012 12:46

The “UDAR” Party headquarters in Zakarpattya stated that they found a mistake on October 30 when comparing results documented in protocols with wet stamps with those published on the official web page of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The CEC’s web page, which is updated daily with results of the vote count provided by district election commissions, shows 484 fewer votes than actually recorded.

“The CEC didn’t include votes cast by residents of Uzhhorod for “UDAR” candidates in several district election commissions,” said Serhiy Ihnatenko, Lawyer of the Party’s headquarters in Zakarpattya. “Observers were present in each commission. They conducted a parallel vote count and recorded the results in protocols as appropriate. The CEC published zero-value results, while according to the protocols signed by commission members, hundreds of people voted for “UDAR”.”

The CEC claims that this is a technical mistake and doesn’t deny the vote fraud in district 68.

The meeting of the district commission, which will be held in Uzhorod at 5PM, will discuss the issue of “lost” votes.

Valeriy Patskan, Manager of the Party’s headquarters in Zakarpattya, set lawyers to get actively involved in returning the stolen votes. ”We will not allow them to steal our results. I’m sure that this scheme has been used throughout Ukraine. This clearly explains why there is a discrepancy of up to several percent between exit poll figures and those currently published by the CEC. If they managed to “lose” 500 votes in such a small district like district 68, it’s simply frightful to think what’s going on in other districts, let’s say in Eastern Ukraine,” stated Valeriy Patskan.

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