“UDAR” Democratic Forces Should Counteract Violations in Single-Mandate Districts Together

30.10.2012 20:10

The “UDAR” Party thinks that it is vital to concentrate joint efforts of all opposition parties on protecting results in single-mandate districts, where the representatives of democratic forces are ahead of the pro-government candidates, which sparks ongoing attempts to rig the results in favor of the latter.

For example, deputy candidates from “UDAR” who de-registered in favor of their colleagues from “Batkivshchyna” are constantly present at the DECs, demanding a fair vote count. Today, “UDAR” candidate Oleksiy Davydenko was supporting Kseniya Lyapina in DEC #216. Other “UDAR” representatives are working with their opposition colleagues to stop election fraud in DECs #211 and 217, where “Batkivshchyna” candidates Teryokhin and Bryhynets are leading the race. In district #215, Ihor Opadchiy has helped Andriy Illenko protect his victory.

“It is absolutely important for us today to protect every opposition mandate in order to strengthen the democratic forces in the next convocation of the Rada”, stresses “UDAR”.

The Party also cites district #214, one of the most difficult districts in Kyiv, which has become a symbol of vote-buying, as a successful example of vote protection. Here, Chernovetsky’s protégé Oles Dovhyy was trying to steal the honest victory of Viktor Chumak. Today, “Batkivshchyna” candidate Volodymyr Bondarenko joined “UDAR” representatives in monitoring the counting. Dovhyy, who is now more than 4,000 votes behind Chumak, has already announced that he is ready to congratulate Chumak on his victory.

The “UDAR” Party also notes, “We should not disregard the situation in district #132 in Mykolayiv oblast, where the government is openly trying to rig the results. There, the DEC announced Arkadiy Kornatsky, “Batkivshchyna” candidate as the winner, while according to the CEC website, Party of Regions candidate Vitaliy Travyanko has won by 232 votes.”

The Party is confident that under these circumstances, when the government is set on rigging the results in the SMDs it stands to lose, it is vital to show resistance to any attempts of vote fraudand to concentrate the opposition’s efforts on this task.

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