Nalyvaychenko: We Have Prepared Fraud Reports for Special Rada Investigation Committee

31.10.2012 08:38

Coordination center of opposition forces and local and international election observers in Donetsk has already prepared a set of documents for the Special Investigation Committee to be created in the new Parliament in order to investigate cases of election fraud, said deputy candidate from “UDAR” Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, who is supervising the center’s operations.

Nalyvaychenko reports that the center already has sufficient evidence of severe election law violations in many districts, as well as of the failure of law enforcement to ensure that legal procedures were observed. Specifically, the Committee should investigate districts 46, 50, 55, where the Party registered and documented multiple instances of stuffing ballots; districts 41-45, where mass “voter migration” was registered; and district 43, which lacked the required number of ballot boxes for voting. Overall, according to Nalyvaychenko, over 1,000 violations that could affect election results were registered in Donetsk oblast.

At the same time, Nalyvaychenko noted that “UDAR” representatives are present at vote counts around Ukraine, where they not only strive to protect the real choice of the people, but also collect the evidence base for future investigations. All violators will be punished.

Additionally, he stressed that “UDAR” will definitely modify the election law according to the recommendations of the Venice Commission and international observer missions in the new Parliament. “Political corruption during these elections was possible because of a corrupt election code. We will pass a new law, which will provide for open lists and open vote counts, so as to make party arithmetic a thing of the past,” said Nalyvaychenko.

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