“UDAR”: Ongoing Provocations against Party

31.10.2012 10:17

The “UDAR” Party reports provocative activity in district #223 in Kyiv. There, the two primary contenders are the pro-government self-nominated candidate Pylypyshyn and the “Svoboda” candidate Yuriy Levchenko. This morning, two young men allegedly carrying “UDAR” newspaper journalist IDs arrived at the DEC and began provoking “Svoboda” representatives. When the latter asked to see their documents and threatened to call “UDAR” leadership, the young men quickly disappeared.

“UDAR” party stresses that these people have no relation whatsoever to the party or to “UDAR” newspaper.

Today, “UDAR” Party representatives are present at many DECs, protecting the votes and the victory of opposition candidates, as it happened, for example, in district #215, where “Svoboda’s” Yuriy Ilyenko eventually grasped his victory. In district #216, Oleksiy Davydenko from “UDAR” was monitoring the vote count to prevent the Party of Regions from stealing the votes of “Batkivshchyna’s” Kseniya Lyapina. Volodymyr Bondarenko, representative of “Batkivshchyna” in turn helped Viktor Chumak fight against resources and manipulations from Oles Dovhyy in district #214.

The government is using all available methods to steal opposition single-mandate district candidates’ victories. This began with pressure on commissions and abuse of administrative resources and quickly escalated to provocations in order to prevent the cooperation within the opposition camp. However, “UDAR” will continue to help its colleagues protect honest results of the elections and ensure the victory of as many democratic candidates as possible.

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