Volodymyr Kurennoy: 1.5% of Votes Stolen from “UDAR”

31.10.2012 13:42

Volodymyr Kurennoy, Deputy Manager of the “UDAR” Election HQ stated at a press briefing, “We have almost completed a parallel vote count based on voting protocol results. According to the data, “UDAR” lost about 1.5% of votes, which were stolen in favor of pro-government candidates.”

“If we compare results of parallel and alternative vote counts with those announced by the Central Election Commission (CEC), we can see that “UDAR” and “Batkivshchyna” lost votes, while the Party of Regions and Communists gained more votes than they actually received,” said Kurennoy. He added that voting records contained in the protocols with wet stamps are currently being cross-checked against those entered into the CEC’s system. The Party has already found facts revealing multiple discrepancies between reports. “Interestingly, in none of these cases did the voting records err in favor of the democratic forces,” summed up Kurennoy.

The politician mentioned that in some districts the fight for the votes received by the opposition in the elections is currently underway. “We thank “Batkivshchyna” representatives for supporting our candidates. First of all, we thank them for their help during the vote count in DEC #214, in which Victor Chumak beat Oles Dovhyy, a famous public person in Kyiv who was considered all but unbeatable. We did it, and are very pleased that “Batkivshchyna” representatives, particularly Volodymyr Bondarenko, actively supported us in this endeavor,” stated Kurennoy. He also mentioned that “UDAR” representatives had responded in kind by helping protect the results in those districts where “Batkivshchyna” or “Svoboda” candidates won the election and authorities tried to rig the results in favor of the pro-government candidates.

Kurennoy concluded, “We will protect every vote cast for the “UDAR” Party, as well as help our opposition colleagues protect theirs.”

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