Volodymyr Kurennoy: We Did Our Best to Prevent Controversial Petro Melnyk from Winning

31.10.2012 13:53

Volodymyr Kurennoy, Deputy Manager of the “UDAR” Election HQ stated at a press briefing, “The “UDAR” Party has made every effort to prevent controversial Petro Melnyk, a Party of Regions candidate, from winning in the single-mandate district in Irpin.”

“We have exerted comprehensive control both over the voting process and the vote count. As a result, democratic forces have achieved a common goal: now Petro Melnyk is no longer trying to claim his victory in the district. At the same time, there are two candidates who have a very good chance of winning, one from “Batkivshchyna” and the other from “UDAR”. So the votes are being counted in the right way now. I’d like to reiterate that Melnyk is not capable of winning this district,” stressed Kurennoy.

He also said that the struggle for votes continues at the Central Election Commission (CEC). “Our representative in the CEC will closely monitor every protocol, and cross-check every figure entered into the CEC’s system against figures recorded in protocols with wet stamps. We have reports on file when one and the same district sent several different protocols with wet stamps. In Donetsk Oblast the elections were so dirty, so it’s next to impossible to find the actual voting results,” said Kurennoy by adding that the “UDAR Party will file a request for fraud investigation with Prosecutor General’s Office and law enforcement agencies. “We will protect every vote cast for our Party and its candidates,” summed up Kurennoy.

In addition, Deputy Manager of the “UDAR” Election HQ spoke about attempts to manipulate results in the districts where the vote count had been completed, e.g. in the SMD in Kherson Oblast where Andriy Putilov, an “UDAR” candidate won the race. A similar incident was reported in Mykolayiv Oblast where a “Batkivshchyna” candidate came in first based on the final vote count results, but later the results suddenly changed. Volodymy Kurennoy said, “Our Election HQ in Mykolayiv Oblast will be actively involved in coordinating efforts to protect the results in close partnership with our opposition colleagues.”

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