Klychko: New Election Law Allowed Party in Power Steal Millions of Votes

01.11.2012 10:59

Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko believes that it was the new election law that allowed for such a great amount of fraud and gave the party in power a victory in the single-mandate districts. If not for the law, democratic forces could have formed a majority in the new convocation of Verkhovna Rada, said Klychko.

“We have seen the Party of Regions receive only 30% in party list elections, and at the same time win 70% of single-mandate districts. This election law allowed them to manipulate the results, to threaten and bribe voters, and even later to buy “tushkas” in the Parliament. It’s a shameful law, and we will change it. Elections should be held under a proportional system,” stated Klychko.

He also noted that he would do everything to protect “UDAR” deputies from the temptations of money and power and to prevent them from leaving for the pro-government fraction. Klychko repeatedly stressed that in the next convocation “UDAR” would cooperate only with the democratic forces, and ruled out any agreement with Party of Regions or the Communist Party.

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