“UDAR”: Kyiv Districts Delaying Submission of Protocols to Rig Election Results

01.11.2012 15:47

“UDAR” Party explained fraud techniques used in single-mandate districts in Kyiv, where none of the pro-government candidates managed to win.

Some DECs have still not submitted their protocols to the CEC, despite the fact that all the votes had been counted. DEC #215 has submitted the documents, but Halyna Hereha, who lost according to the count, filed several complaints to the court demanding a recount.

Another scandal arose in district #214, where Oles Dovhyy does not want to accept his defeat. Therefore, the DEC arbitrarily continues to delay the signing of the protocol; the process is controlled by the DEC head. According to “UDAR”, these are the types of situations that create opportunity for fraud, for stealing votes from opposition parties both in the SMD and the party-list elections.

“UDAR” urges the DECs to return to legal procedures and reminds about criminal liability for election fraud.

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