Klychko: “UDAR” Will Demand Investigation of All Incidents of Fraud during Elections

01.11.2012 20:09

Every committee member and anyone else involved in rigging parliamentary election results will definitely be held responsible, said Vitaliy Klychko at the DEC #95 in Irpen, Kyiv oblast. “I would like to address all commission members. I realize that you are tired, that you may be pressured. Still, don’t make the big mistake, don’t manipulate voting results, as the law envisages criminal responsibility for such actions,” he added.

Leader of “UDAR” arrived at DEC #95 on Thursday night, as the Party is confident that there are ongoing fraud attempts in this district, specifically through returning a large number of protocols to PECs for “clarification”, which later return with completely different numbers on them. This is why the data on “unrevised” protocols often differs so much from the information published on the CEC site. Thus, the number of votes earned by “UDAR” and other opposition parties shown on the site continues to decrease, while the “official” support for Party of Regions and Communist Party is increasing instead. “UDAR” has facts and evidence, including wet stamped original protocols as well as the “revised” versions. Head of DEC #95 was unable to explain the situation, and only remarked, “If you have an issue, please leave a complaint, we will look into it.”

The Leader of “UDAR” stressed, “Many districts are experiencing similar problems; election results are being rigged not only for single-mandate races, but also for party-list elections. They are stealing our votes – votes given to “UDAR”, “Batkivshchyna” and “Svoboda”,” noted Vitaliy Klychko in a recent interview. “We continue to defend honest voting results throughout Ukraine with the help of our opposition colleagues,” stressed Klychko.

Earlier, Oleksands Yurakov, “UDAR” SMD candidate in district #95 recalled his complaints in order to prevent vote-counting fraud, which could result in the victory of Party of Regions’ Petro Melnyk. At first, Yurakov demanded a recount in several precincts; however, when he noticed that “Batkivshchyna’s” Kutovyy was ahead of him, he decided not to give the party in power another opportunity to rig the results during a recount.

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