Nalyvaychenko: Odessa Judges – Accomplices in Kherson Fraud

04.11.2012 14:00

Last night, Odessa Court of Appeals composed of Judges Myloserdny, Bitov, and Alekseyev illegally interfered with the election process, abused their right to judge, and passed an unjust decision. Through twisting legal definitions, these judges practically ruled single-mandate election in district #183 to be void, which contradicts the Law and ignores the will of the people, according to Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, deputy candidate from “UDAR”. Nalvaychenko is currently in Kherson, where he was shocked by the shameful decision of the court, which baselessly cancelled voting results in SMD #183, where “UDAR” candidate Andriy Putilov won by over 5,000 ballots.

“Through such crass usurpation of voters’ rights in Kherson, the Odessa judges are trying to supplant the citizens’ choice with the ruling party’s “appointment”, stressed Andriy Putilov, winner of SMD #183.

“The government, unable to win through fraud, abuse of administrative resources, threats of bribery, has decided to use the most cynical “weapon” of all – courts. The judges blatantly interfered with the work of DEC #183 and broke the law. These corrupt judges trampled on the will of 30,000 citizens with their dirty decision. They humiliated these people’s honor as Kherson residents and dignity as voters,” said Nalyvaychenko.

Today, Nalyvaychenko sent urgent messages regarding the situation in the district to election observation missions from OSCE, Canada, and USA, all of which are paying close attention to the events unfolding in district #183.

“At the beginning of the week, our complaint including the list of judges and other violators involved in illegal manipulation of voting results in district #183 will be sent to the International Association of Judges, PACE, and the European Commission,” he assured.

Nalyvaychenko is confident that these judges and the members of the election commissions who broke the law will fall under international sanctions, which include cancellation of visas to all EU member countries.

“Right now our task is to resume legal operation of the DEC, to protect the members of the commission, their rights, and the real original protocols they approved,” stressed Nalyvaychenko. “We are here in Kherson in order to ensure that all the bulletins are preserved, in order to prevent what happened in other districts, e.g. #94. We are set to protect the real, legal choice of the people who voted for Andriy Putilov.”

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