“UDAR”: Authorities Will Have to Take Democratic Forces Seriously

05.11.2012 16:08

“UDAR” Party stated, “The ongoing events, including fraudulent vote-counting in 13 single-mandate districts, demonstrate that the Ukrainian authorities defied the law and common sense.”

The Party believes that the authorities should admit that its candidates lost these districts, cease manipulations and recognize the victory of opposition candidates.

The official statement reads, “If they [the authorities] refuse to do that, we will demand that new elections be held across the entire country as not only votes cast for SMD candidates were stolen, but also democratic party votes. It is clear that it’s next to impossible to get real party-list voting results in the districts, where the votes for the SMD candidates were rigged as well.”

If the authorities refuse to hold new elections in Ukraine, the way to force them to do that is to give up the opposition parliamentary mandates received under party lists and in SMDs. But it would take all three opposition parties - “UDAR”, “Batkivshchyna” and “Svoboda” – to do that. “UDAR” is ready to refuse its mandates.

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