Klychko Urged “Berkut” Not to Execute Illegal Orders

05.11.2012 18:01

During the opposition protest in front of the Central Election Commission, law enforcement officers attempted to detain Kyiv “UDAR” election office staff members.

According to witness reports, “Berkut” soldiers (note: “Berkut” is a special police force in Ukraine) surrounded the “UDAR” representatives’ car, opened it, and confiscated 10 party advertisement tents. Policemen also attempted to detain “UDAR” staff and sign the necessary protocols; however, “UDAR” representatives were supported by journalists with a camera, which helped them escape the encirclement.

The opposition protest in front of the CEC office against fraud during Parliamentary elections continues. Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko has already spoken in front of the crowd. He urged “Berkut” soldiers not to follow criminal orders. Klychko emphasized that “UDAR” would defend observance of the Election Law in determining election results. “We will not recognize elections held in the environment of total lawlessness,” said Klychko.

Several thousand people are currently present on the square in front of the CEC.

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