Pavlenko: Recounts and Resolutions Today Are in Favor of Ruling Party Only

05.11.2012 20:40

These Parliamentary elections are rife with selective justice and selective vote-counting, according to Deputy Head of the “UDAR” central election HW Rostislav Pavlenko.

During his appearance on 5TV Channel, Pavlenko noted that “UDAR” previously asked the courts to invalidate election results in a number of districts and was refused. He remarked that today the commissions are recounting the votes and courts are ruling on election complaints in the interest of the party in power only. “For example, let’s look at district #93 in Kyiv oblast. Interestingly enough, one of the PEC wet-stamped protocols recorded 1412 voters, while the CEC database indicates a larger number, 2112. Naturally, the extra 700 votes went to the Party of Regions. In another district, #196 in Cherkassy oblast, the situation is even more curious. The count discrepancy between protocol and database is: Communist Party -10, Svoboda -16, “UDAR” -24, “Batkivshchyna” -16, Party of Regions +92. As you can see, this is how they count the votes. Unfortunately, even attempts to protect the real results in courts often lead to selective justice,” said Pavlenko.
The representative of “UDAR” mentioned the situation in district #183 in Kherson oblast as an example of selective court action. There, the victory of the “UDAR” candidate Andriy Putiov was invalidated as a result of a ruling by Odessa Court of Appeals.
Pavlenko is confident that “UDAR” and other opposition parties will stand till the bitter end defending their positions and votes of the people who attended the polls in order to prevent electoral fraud. “Regarding “annulling” the lists, this is one of the extreme measures. It will make sense to resort to this measure only if all three opposition parties agree on this joint decision. For now, it’s too early to say that we are setting an ultimatum and waiting for the government’s response,” commented Pavlenko.

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