Vitaliy Klychko: Why Hasn’t President Reacted to Gross Election Violations?

06.11.2012 08:09

“The results of Parliamentary elections in Ukraine are upsetting for Ukrainian people and the world. Ukrainian President, however, is the only government official who hasn’t reacted to the shameful events of the last week yet,” stated Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his appearance on the “Freedom of Speech” talk show on ICTV channel.

“A lot of Ukrainians don’t go to the polls as they’re convinced that their votes will be stolen. Laws are ignored and violators are not held accountable. Today I, as a citizen of Ukraine, am urging the President of Ukraine as the guarantor of our Constitution to convene executive branch and law enforcement officials to discuss the election fraud, to identify the violators, to bring them to justice, and, finally, to ensure respect for the rule of law. Unfortunately, a huge number of incidents of vote rigging were reported during these elections. The fraud was obvious to Ukrainians, international observers and the Central Election Commission (CEC). Only a blind man cannot see it. It would be the right thing to do, for the President to finally give his evaluation of what is happening in Ukraine now, of why the laws are being violated,” said Klychko.

The politician suggested taking a look at the experience of other countries, in particular those whose population exceeds Ukraine’s. Their experience shows that final election results are announced within a few days. Meanwhile in Ukraine, it is taking more than two weeks. Klychko demonstrated two versions of one and the same wet-stamped voting protocol from district #95 in Irpin. The “revised” version showed fewer votes for each of the opposition parties and more votes for the Party of Regions and Communists. “This explains what brings “UDAR”, “Batkivshchyna” and “Svoboda” together. All of us are being cheated of our votes,” emphasized Vitaliy Klychko.

“We can talk a lot about holding new elections, annulling party-list voting results, etc. More importantly, the CEC has just announced its decision to conduct re-elections in five districts. At first thought, we could be happy that the CEC has officially acknowledged the facts of election fraud. However, no one can guarantee that the new elections will not be once again marred by the so called “revised” voting protocols and manipulations,” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

Klychko believes this became possible because election legislation is ignored in Ukraine. He added, “Until the election law violators are not made accountable, until all those involved in electoral fraud are not excluded from the electoral process and so long as the rule of law remains neglected, we will be cheated over and over again, and our votes will continue to be stolen.”

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