Klychko: Re-elections Should Be Held in More than Five Districts

06.11.2012 14:36

According to Vitaliy Klychko, the CEC admitting that it is impossible to determine election results in five single-mandate districts (SMDs) and recommending a re-election is equivalent to them accepting the facts of manipulation and fraud in these districts. The Leader of “UDAR” made the following comments at the protest in front of the CEC in Kyiv.

“In reality, there is not a single district today which did not experience fraud attempts throughout the election process. Parliamentary elections in Ukraine were not fair. International observers, European institutions, and most importantly Ukrainians themselves have given this assessment to these elections. Our primary task now is to activate people, to explain that only their position and action can change this country,” commented the Leader of “UDAR”.

“We believe that the elections should be held again not only in these five SMDs. We should be talking about new elections across the entire country, but not under the current shameful election law, which gave green light to manipulations in SMDs. One could spend an infinite amount of time in courts just to receive a decision “from above”. This is not the way. We should hold new elections under a new law establishing a proportional system with open party lists,” stressed Klychko.

“Today, many people are unhappy; they have come here to show their attitude toward the government, which ignores their will. On the one side, we have numerous law enforcement officers, on the other – regular citizens, old people, women. The government must be afraid of us to send so many policemen. They should be afraid, afraid to lose their parliament seats, which they need for personal enrichment. How long shall we endure this? We have assembled here, because we are prepared to protect our vision. It is only side-by-side that we can change the current situation in the country,” declared Klychko at the square in front of the CEC.

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