Klychko: Democratic Forces Should Not Agree to Re-elections in Five Districts They Already Won

06.11.2012 16:52

During a meeting with deputy candidates from “UDAR” Party, its Leader Vitaliy Klychko outlined his team’s first-priority tasks.

He stressed that protecting voting results remained the key task. “Voters have demonstrated their civic stance; not only did they support the opposition, but also protested against fraud attempts. We consider the CEC’s appeal to the Parliament and the latter’s recommendation to hold re-elections in five districts, where democratic candidates won anyway to be nothing more than an attempt at damage control. We know that numerous violations have taken place in the districts where pro-government candidates won, we know our party-list votes have been stolen as well, and we have proof. However, nobody is looking at these facts; instead, they would like to take away a hard-earned victory from the opposition forces,” said Klychko. He also stressed that his political force disapproves of these developments and will continue to protect the real results of the voting.

Klychko emphasized that “UDAR’s” candidates are ready to refuse their mandates in the Parliament, whose legitimacy is currently in question. However, this will have an effect only if all three opposition parties do this together.

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