Nalyvaychenko: We Will Ensure Criminal Liability and International Sanctions for Election Law Violators

07.11.2012 14:22

During his interview with Radio Liberty, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, former General Consul of Ukraine in Washington and a representative of “UDAR” stated, “Following the reelection of the U.S. President, a key task for us in U.S.-Ukraine relations will be to ensure application of international sanctions on vote riggers at Ukrainian elections. Anyone participating in electoral fraud should be criminally liable.” He predicted that after the elections, U.S. President and government will pay closer attention to the Ukrainian crisis.

“Judges invalidating election results in whole districts, candidates and officials, who use “Berkut” (note: special police forces), election commission heads bribed to rig results instead of counting actual votes; all these people will go on the violator list – a list of people eligible not only for domestic government lustration, but also international sanctions,” stressed Nalyvaychenko.

“We will cooperate with the U.S. Senate, FBI, FATF and respective European structures. It is very important for us to see target sanctions imposed on the violators – both visa and financial. We would like to see their international bank accounts frozen, even those officially controlled by their relatives, drivers or retired “front men”. Stolen money should return to Ukraine,” said the “UDAR” representative.

Additionally, Nalyvaychenko noted that the current Verkhovna Rada would be unable to effectively investigate electoral violations. “Current deputies with decades of Parliament experience are afraid to even talk about an investigation committee. We are not afraid. We will investigate violations in the new Parliament, create a list of violators and seek the application of domestic and international sanctions on these people,” said Nalyvaychenko.

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