“UDAR”: Law on Referendum Forced Through by Authorities Should Be Abolished by New Parliament

07.11.2012 17:26

“UDAR” Party suggests that the Law on Referendum be included on the list of documents that the opposition will seek to cancel in the new Parliament.

“It is clear that Ukraine should pass a Law on National Referendum as it enables people as the source of power to influence decision-making process on both national and regional levels. However, the Law on Referendum passed by the incumbent Parliament is as unprofessional and flawed as the Election Law,” stated “UDAR”.

“In fact, this Law is the so-called copy of the current Election Law. The title is correct; however, it includes poorly and unprofessionally drafted norms. The Law raises a lot of concerns about how initiative groups are established, how the referendum results are drawn up, as well as how to avoid use of administrative leverage,” stressed “UDAR”. The Party believes that this Law has been passed with only one purpose in mind, that is to try and rush through badly needed changes to the Constitution using a falsified referendum, in particular, changes to the form of government, as well as foreign and language policy.

According to “UDAR”, the current Parliament, which is on its way out, has no moral right to force the adoption of important public laws, especially given that they are drafted unprofessionally and without the input of relevant experts.

“UDAR” will demand that the Laws on Referendum, Elections, and Public Procurement be revisited by the new convocation of the Parliament along with other corrupt laws.

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