Rostyslav Pavlenko: If CEC Fails to Reconcile Conflict, It Will Provoke Political Crisis

08.11.2012 10:18

The “UDAR” Party demands that Central Election Commission recognize the victory of opposition candidates in all “contested” districts. According to Rostyslav Pavlenko, national deputy candidate from “UDAR”, the CEC has appropriate legal grounds to do an independent recount of the votes and name the winners.

At the same time, the politician admits that the democratic forces cannot guarantee that this will happen. “Therefore, we are exploring other options. One of them is negotiating with our democratic colleagues from other parties to “annul” all of our party lists and withdraw from the Parliament,” said Pavlenko.

The representative of “UDAR” repeatedly stated that the current law grants the CEC enough authority to resolve all the ongoing conflicts in the districts without outside interference; all of these districts have original protocols with wet stamps, which indicate the victory of the opposition candidates. “The CEC should recognize the victory of opposition candidates in “contested” districts. If they talk about the need to change the legal framework, then we have to admit that the country is in a political crisis, and needs general repeat elections. However, new elections should take place under a new law, new rules, and a proportional system,” stressed Pavlenko.

The politician noted that the proportional system worked well in Ukraine in both 2006 and 2007, when the elections were orderly and transparent.

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