DEC #71 in Zakarpatska Oblast Stole “UDAR” Votes

08.11.2012 14:49

On November 7, DEC #71 deemed invalid election results in three precincts. As a result, “UDAR” lost 1,000 votes.

Throughout the commission meeting, national deputy candidate from “UDAR” Mykhaylo Prystaya and his representative Vasyl Symulyk repeatedly pointed out that there are no grounds for invalidating results in precincts #210481, #210522, and #210523. Court decisions on these precincts do not require the commission to do this; the investigation only found some minor violations which did not affect the results.

However, Deputy Head of DEC #71 (and one of the “replaced” commission members) put the issue up for vote, and a majority of the commission supported the decision. According to media information, most of the replaced DEC members are undercover Party of Regions affiliates.

“The DEC did not have the right to invalidate the results, as the deadline for court appeals to contest election results had passed; neither did they have legal grounds to do this. Additionally, according to the Election LAW, DECs do not have the right to correct protocols, which have already been revised if it can change voting results in the district,” commented Myklaylo Prystaya.

After the meeting, “UDAR” representatives requested official protocol and resolution of the meeting. After receiving these procedural documents, the politicians will submit them to the legal department of Zakarpatska oblast election office of “UDAR” in order to formulate a formal appeal of this decision

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