Volodymyr Kurennoy: CEC Actions Could Compromise New Parliament Legitimacy

08.11.2012 21:51

Right now, it is not critical whether the ruling party is able to form a majority and who will form it. More importantly, the legitimacy of the legislative branch will be in question. Volodymyr Kurennoy, national deputy candidate from “UDAR” noted during a program on 5TV Channel, “If the CEC prescribes illegal re-elections in “contested” districts or distorts the people’s votes in any other way, the question of Verkhovna Rada legitimacy will loom over the next convocation throughout its operation.”

At the same time, Kurennoy expressed his outrage at the way the “majority” is being formed. Specifically, he reminded the audience of the recent events when Party of Regions candidates manipulated the results in order to steal the victory from independent candidates in several districts. “If the government continues to “gain seats” like this, then they could even reach a constitutional majority at some point,” noted the politician. According to Kurennoy, the primary reason for the conflict is the overly vague election law, which needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Kurennoy believes that the mixed election system is simply a form of manipulating voting results. “When we hear today’s statements from the Party of Regions about negotiations and recruitment of independent candidates, this looks rather comical. It’s no secret that a majority of these “independents” signed an agreement with the Party of Regions before even registering for the elections, and submitted these agreements to the local governors. I have heard of these cases personally, particularly in Odessa oblast. As a result, the voters are supporting a visibly unaligned candidate who is concealing his true affiliation with the ruling party,” noted Kurennoy. As an example, he mentioned “Rodina” party, whose members have already agreed to enter the Party of Regions fraction in the Parliament.

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