Pynzenyk: Budget gap could exceed 100 billion

05.12.2013 16:35

The budget performance this year failed which shows the real scale of the problems that exist in the Ukrainian economy, stated the “UDAR” party MP Victor Pynzenyk speaking at the press briefing at the National Resistance Headquarters.

"Ukrainian economy shows recession 5th Quarter in a row. The GDP has been declining for 17 months. Budget for 2013 is unrealistic. There is a huge budget deficit. And instead of solving the problems that do not allow to guarantee budgetary commitments the government incurred multibillion debts. We have evidence that budget revenue will be underperformed by 30 billion. This figure must be added to the budget hole. And if we take into account the failure of budget commitments, so-called government guarantees, the sum of the budget hole can exceed 100 billion. The government is responsible for this situation"- said Viktor Pynzenyk.
Responding to the journalists question whether present conditions are worse than in 2009 when Pynzenyk resigned from his post as a finance minister in the government of Azarov, the MP noted that, despite many economic challenges, that in 2009 the country had a debt indicators “which many countries could be envy of”.
“In early 2008, the national debt was 89 billion UAH. At present, the figure is 550 billion USD”, Pynzenyk said.
Commenting on Azarov’s allegation that the budget gets damages due to the blockage of the Government activity Pinzenyk said, “It is not a big secret that the Government House has everything except government. Government is not there. It is only the office of the government secretariat, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. As far as the Ministry of Finance is concerned, it is located on Mezhyhirska Street, and the Treasury, which serves as the cash desk for the budget is located elsewhere".

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