Klychko: No need in apology from Government. All guilty of beating peaceful activists must be punished

05.12.2013 21:57

“We do not need any apology from the government. It is necessary that all guilty of beating peaceful protestors are punished”, the leader of "UDAR" Vitaliy Klychko said during his speech at the Independence Square.

"The state power did not do anything to resolve the political crisis which the country has plunged into. All guilty of the brutal beating of the students are not punished yet. And the government acts so, that it seems no one will be punished. They say “Sorry”. We do not need apology. We want to see government resignation, punishment of all those guilty of the student assault, and complete reboot of power ", Klychko said.
He noted that the number of citizens of Ukraine who do not support the regime of Yanukovych increases every day. They join the protesters at the Independence Square and start peaceful protests in their cities and towns.
“Many Ukrainians organized the same Euromaidans. Although they are not as great as we have in Kiev, but their importance is unparalleled. There are rallies in many world capitals to support Ukrainian people and aspiration to live in a modern European country. Yesterday we met with the Foreign Minister of Canada. Many Ukrainians in Canada hello and say that they are with us”, - Klychko said.

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