Klychko: If government tries to break up rally at Square whole country will rise

06.12.2013 13:27

If the government uses army and force against its people, it can turn into danger for the government, the leader of "UDAR" Vitaliy Klychko said to journalists on the sidelines of the Parliament.

“The power scenario is a very dangerous option for the government. If the government uses force to break up the demonstration at the Square, not 100 or 500 thousand people will come out to the streets, but the whole country will rise. People came not because of political slogans, but demanding the life in a just, modern European country , where everyone has confidence in the future "- Vitaliy Klychko said.
When asked whether the protesters would picket the residence of Yanukovych - Mezhyhirya, Klychko said that the citizens of Ukraine are free to express opinions and to strike anywhere they want.
"Today strikes take place throughout Ukraine either in big cities or small towns. If people decide that the President cannot hear them from squares, they can go to his house to make him finally listen to them and give a clear answer. If people go to Mezhyhirya, I think there will be representatives of our Party and other opposition parties. But I'm sure there will be much more people who are not affiliated with any party, because it is not a party demonstration but a fair demand of the people, "- Klychko said.

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