Klychko: We expand pressure on government to make dictator Yanukovych leave

08.12.2013 13:02

It is crunch time. Today we take a big step toward victory, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said speaking at the People’s Assembly at the Independence Square.

"I am grateful to each of you who stood on the Maidan these days, and who came out today for this event. Only because of the Maidan the bashing of students on November 30 did not turn into the beginning of a police state. Because you did not allow it!", said Klitschko.

He noted that the Maidan would stay as long as the government does not fulfill all the requirements of peaceful protesters. "Dear friends, yesterday we announced about the ultimatum to Yanukovych. He should release the detainees, punish those guilty of beating people and fire Azarov's government. There is the only way out of the crisisб which is snap presidential and parliamentary elections", - the leader of UDAR said.

Klychko Ukrainian urged all Ukrainians to unite and defend their right a decent life in a European country. "I appeal to the whole Ukraine, its East and West. The whole Ukraine must rise and declare a strike to this power in all cities and towns from tomorrow. And we can peacefully doge this power and make it go", Vitaliy Klychko said.

He said that Yanukovych wants to be a dictator, it is not going to happen. "The dictator will not go away himself. He must be made to leave. Therefore, we are expanding our pressure on the government and we will force Yanukovych to fulfill the demands of the citizens", commented Vitaliy Klychko to reporters.


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