Klychko: Demonstrators legally stay at House of Trade Unions and Kyiv City Hall

08.12.2013 17:26

Protesters from the Independence Square occupy the House of Trade Unions and the Kyiv State administration building legally, Vitaliy Klychko stressed in a letter to the Director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Janez Lenarchych.

"We highly appreciate ODIHR’s role in promoting democratic norms and standards in the course of elections that have taken place in Ukraine. Knowing that, we were very surprised and disappointed by your statement distributed by the UNIAN news agency. In it you assessed the demand of authorities to “liberate public buildings seized by demonstrators” as “absolutely legitimate”, Klychko said in an address to Lenarchych.

Leader of UDAR noted that protesters occupy only two public buildings, the House of the Trade Unions and the building of the Kyiv State administration. "The Committee of the National Resistance uses the premises temporarily on the basis of the lease agreement signed with the owners. The building of the Kyiv State administration is in municipal ownership, meaning that it is owned by the community of Kyiv who may use it when it deems necessary (in this case, members of the community taking part in demonstrations use it to get some warmth and rest). It should be underscored that protesters inside the building do not prevent the officials of the Kyiv Administration from performing their duties”, Klychko noted in the letter.

You might have seen this yourself if you had visited the building of the Kyiv State Administration. You might have also received the explanations as to the legality of our actions, provided you had addressed representatives of the Committee of the National Resistance”, said the leader of UDAR to Lenarchych.

Klychko said that despite severe weather conditions, millions of Ukrainian gathered in various parts of the country to protect their European choice, democratic values and standards against their

Despite severe weather conditions, millions of Ukrainians have gathered all over the country to defend the European choice, democratic values and standards and against their abuse and limitations. “We hope we can count upon continued solidarity of the democratic forces in Europe, including ODIHR”, Klychko concluded.

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