Patskan: EuroMaidan not to crash hryvnia

10.12.2013 11:05

“There are no ties between these issues. Citizens do not have that much money to significantly influence the currency market and the economy operates independently of the Maidan in Kiev. You have to understand that the authorities are intentionally destroying our economy", he claimed. According Patskan, abandoning the European way of development, the government is doing everything to set manufacturing standards 80tyh 60 years for oligarchs.

However, the MP does not exclude some reduction of rates which, in his opinion, may be due to the fact that oligarchs and businesses withdraw funds from the accounts and draw the funds from the country. 

"The main reason for the fall of the hryvnia in recent days is withdrawal of fund by the country's oligarchs. Business understood that the government will continue the policy of terror and intimidation. Today, the authorities solve problems in the economic and social sectors only by increased pressure on businesses to levy money. It is the government who is to blame for the current economic climate and they must take full responsibility for their good-for-nothing policy"- Valeriy Patskan said.


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